Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Natasha Saga - by Heather Greenis

About Heather Greenis
Canadian, born and raised in Ontario, I'm humanitarian, and an environmentalist. Reduce, re-use and then recycle. I'm proud of the fact we have solar panels on our home. We have a 20 pound fluff-ball who runs the house. The humans simply pay the bills and ensure she gets fed twice a day. She is rather insistent upon the treats as well. Our dog isn't spoiled at all.

My husband is an avid reader who gets the first read on my manuscripts. If he likes it, he does some editing and gives me advice and suggestions. I'm always open for those, even when I grumble and argue about it. If he doesn't like my latest attempt, I sulk in the corner like a kid. Not really, just in my mind. But that manuscript gets placed on the back-burner until I decide what to do with it. Delete is aways an option.

The Natasha Saga: a four part family saga 
Empowerment shatters traditions and lives. Greed and pride have devastating consequences. Sacrifices must be made. Written on multiple levels, the saga deals with hope, relationships, and giving, set against a background of conflicting values. 
Through a series of dreams, modern day couple Keeghan and William follow the triumphs and tragedies of multiple generations of the Donovan family. A chance encounter changes Natasha’s life, forever. In her diary, Natasha writes of her dream, and her hope to escape a horrid dictated future.
Will Natasha's legacy survive an uncertain future?

Goodreads Review -Natasha's Dream
We get swept up with this story of Stewart and Natasha and panic to find out what happens next. The ending of the book is a surprise.
I loved this book it was an interesting storyline and I adored the relationship between Stewart and Natasha. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Reviewed by Jennifer

Goodreads Review - The Natasha Saga
Reading "The Natasha Saga, 4 volume set" is like embarking on a very realistic, romantic journey that you won't ever want to return from!
Sometimes I get the rare chance to read a book series or in this case, a saga that leaves me speechless and deeply moved. This series has touched my heart and soul at the deepest level...I personally would absolutely love to see this story made into a movie and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a timeless tale with unexpected twists and turns that will keep the reader engaged for hours and be unable to put down!

Heather's website 

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