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Rosa, a Historical Romance by June Gadsby

About June Gadsby

 Born in her grandparent’s old miner’s cottage overlooking the River Tyne, June Gadsby’s life has been as interesting as any published saga. Leaving school at fifteen without qualifications of any kind, she pushed herself beyond the expectations of her family. Her teachers realised her talent as an artist, but were surprised when she announced, at the age of eight, that she intended to become an ‘author’. More than once she heard the words of her strict, Victorian grandmother: “you’ll never make it…” Her mother thought that June’s writing was a ‘nice, but unsociable little hobby’. But June refused to lose sight of her ambition. On leaving school she started work as an office junior, taught herself shorthand and typing and became a secretary, eventually attaining one of the highest posts as Administrative Assistant [Executive Medical Secretary] at Newcastle University’s Medical School. It wasn’t until she wrote about her years of rejection for a Writer’s magazine that she was noticed by a literary agent.


Evicted from the slums of Gateshead in north-eastern England, Rosa and her family travel to Newcastle where they are reluctantly taken in by her mother’s estranged sister.

Doris Graham is soon to regret this act of kindness as she sees her beautiful home destroyed by the Fenwick family – apart from Rosa, Nancy Fenwick’s illegitimate daughter. Rosa does her best to keep the family under control while dreaming of being a ‘lady’ and living in the big mansion house she can see from her attic bedroom window. Her dreams become more and more obsessive when she meets the son of the new owners of Orchard House and, hardly more than a child, she falls deeply in love with him.

For Richard’s part, his obsession is with the fact that in the mansion is a portrait of a beautiful Italian woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to Rosa. As time passes and Rosa grows into a voluptuous young woman, Richard’s innate snobbishness fades – until he finds her being raped by a lodger of her alcoholic mother.

Rosa’s heart is broken, but she never gives up her dream of owning Orchard House and her life takes many twists and turns before her dream is realized. And then, one day, she finds Richard back in her life, but the tables have turned...

 Amazon UK, reviewer recommendation for Rosa
By Mrs Peta Seel on 24 May 2017
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
A thoroughly good read with a sound story line that rattles along at a good pace with interesting twists and turns that makes one want to turn the page. A good picture of early 20th century British society tied in neatly with historical events of the era. It is easy to get involved with the characters - both good and bad. Recommended.

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