Thursday, August 10, 2017

Books We Love Prime - New Subscriber Option for Serious Readers

Books We Love is in the process of setting up a subscription option for serious readers.  Tentatively planned to roll out in September Books We Love Prime will allow readers to subscribe for a month or a year - no renewal required - and give them the option of choosing 12 books every month from Books We Love's extensive inventory of over 700 titles. 

For more information and to be one of the first subscribers visit Books We Love Prime, here:

Books We Love is a Canadian genre fiction publisher with authors from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.  Our authors write popular fiction in all genres from Romance in every subgenre, Mystery in every sub-genre, Thrillers and Suspense, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Westerns (traditional and contemporary), Historical Fiction and Young Adult fiction in every genre.

Books We Love authors are seasoned professionals who have been writing and publishing their work for decades and who have weathered the changes from writing hard covers and paperbacks for the mid-lists to early ventures into the eBook marketplace and experimenting with the explosion of Indie publishing. 

Books We love authors have chosen to publish with BWL Publishing Inc. because of the Company's requirement that all authors have both experience in the industry and the necessary skill level to be considered professional writers.  Authors writing under the Books We Love label are master story tellers.  They have proven themselves through decades of studying, practicing and perfecting the craft of writing.  At BWL Publishing you will be choosing books written by experts in their chosen genres who have earned their positions in the literary community.  SOME OF OUR TITLES ARE PICTURED BELOW.  ALL OF THEM ARE HERE:

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