Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stillwaters Run Deep, Book One: Raven's Lament

Stillwater's Run Deep 
Book One
Raven's Lament

Frank Talaber, The Writer:
Mad muse inside keeps my pencil writing. Yes, I still actually use a pencil to write down story ideas first before using the laptop. Currently living in Chilliwack, BC. I usually write urban fantasy, crime, mystery, science fiction and romance (the really hot stuff, see my novel Shuttered Seduction). but enough of me, on to the novel.

Raven's Lament, The Novel:
A Canadian tale of When Harry Met Sally mashed into the West Coasts version of the Karate Kid.
Dumped by his fiancée because he wasn’t man enough for her, Brook Grant goes off to the ends of Canada’s west coast to investigate the strange story of a rare golden spruce tree cut down in protest of logging.
            Seeking solace and understanding for his torn heart he instead finds a centuries old native legend come to life. Along with a god that shouldn’t exist, except in totems and old myths.
            Ever read about damning Shakespearean love, the kind that with one glance tears your breath away and turns your soul inside out, knowing you’ve found your one? Well to experience it is another matter. Being an educated journalist and reporter Brook struggles with his belief systems after he meets Chelen Davidshaw.
            Only to have her taken away by said native god, Raven, yes the shape-shifting, always hungry Raven. A being that reportedly has the power to change the world back to the way it once was and has lost the one thing that keeps him from aging, his immortal stone. A stone that Brook has found.
            So now Brook has to not only believe in himself, but to challenge everything he has been taught to be the truth and rescue Chelen.
            Fortunately he does have Chelen’s uncle to help him. A partly psycho Shaman, Charlie Stillwaters, who talks to Sasquatch, spirits and little animals like we converse with our in laws.

            It’s kinda like taking six boy scouts to lead the assault on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Oh yeah, this is going to go well. 

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